CLICKNGO – Fleet Head Office and Authorization Center

The CLICKNGO system is a web-based authorization center and reporting system, collecting fuel transactions, Vehicle  Maintenance data, AVL map and parameters – and presenting it to its users.

The CLICKNGO application is  used  where one of the three parties handle the refueling business, utilizing the AVI technology for identification:

Oil company or card company
Fleets – The  customers  of  the  oil  company
GASNGO – the service provider

There are several “sub” entities that are also involved and have access to the system such as sales managers, installers and support team, all belonging to one of the above parties or subcontractors working on their behalf.

The CLICKNGO provides the parties with a tool for setting up the relations/agreements and as such, the CLICKNGO supports business flow management for:

Enrollment of new fleet (Sales->Finance->Fleet manager-> Installer)
Automated fleet limits controls (Rules and Clusters)
Controlling oil company credit exposure (for cross transactions)
Automated fleet services (managing support, call or service that have been provided through the system)
Periodic reporting of transactions and service statements

Fleet managers can view and control all fleet transactions in real-time through the web. The application allows fleet managers to perform online changes to vehicle authorization and restriction status, such as blocking the vehicle from refueling or restricting refueling volume. Monitoring the fleet can lead to significant reduction in fuel expenses and full control of fuel usage for authorized purposes only.

The CLICKNGO application can also present the AVL data which includes the vehicle current location, trace, tracks history, Geofence, POIs, real time events and much more.