Vision & Values

Delivering fleet management solutions worldwide

We are driven to constantly provide the most cutting-edge and innovative technology and offer fleet managers around the globe holistic solutions and products to provide efficient control of fleets, prevent fuel shrinkage, enable fuel optimization and more.

Reaching Goals Through Partnership

GASNGO partners with customers to create relationships based on integrity and fruitful cooperation to reach combined goals.

Bringing Tomorrow’s Technology – Today

Our experience of almost a decade enables us to identify industry needs even before they arise. Using extensive research and the most cutting edge technology, we develop products and scalable solutions that meet these needs and enable our clients and partners to benefit from the most innovative and effective solutions in the industry.

Complete Safety and Security

GASNGO offers safety and security complying with the highest industry standards enhanced by the commitment to quality and excellence. Our TAGs cannot be duplicated – each Tag passes a personalization process at the production phase. In addition, our advanced RFID technology uses the same high-level cryptology technique used by credit card companies and ensures fueling occurs only after the vehicle is identified and authorized.