Assembled onto each forecourt nozzle, the GASNGO wireless reader interrogates the vehicle’s RFID Tag, installed around the fuel intake, to automatically transmit vehicle and driver data to the Gas Station Communicator (GSC) and to the gas station’s technological infrastructures.

The wireless reader can be assembled on a variety of gas station pumps and nozzles and is designed to withstand harsh forecourt conditions.

The GASNGO wireless reader has an autonomous power source, its own antenna and 100% plug-and-play wireless unit. Once assembled, the Reader is self-operated and requires little maintenance.

Any upgrading or modification can be managed using GASNGO’S remote access capabilities. All interactions between the RFID Tag and the Wireless Reader are secured and authenticated in compliance with the ISO15693 standard.

Reader Advantages:

  • Industry-leading encryption standards
  • Optional add-on functionality for low temperatures
  • Using special mechanism to identify unauthorized removal
  • Remote control capabilities:
    • Configuration
    • Software update
    • Functional upgrade