GSC – Gas Station Communicator

The GASNGO Gas Station Communicator (GSC) can be assembled in minutes with a custom installation rod on a gas station ceiling or convenience store front.

The system integrates smoothly with existing infrastructures and gas station management systems. All that is required to complete the installation is to connect the unit to a TCP/IP cable and a power supply.

The GSC is self-operated and has automatic error handling and recovery capabilities. It is designed to withstand the harsh gas station environment and is durable and robust. The GSC has an advanced high frequency integrated antenna and requires no modification. It communicates with the wireless readers installed in the gas station forecourt to identify vehicles in the station, and with the Vehicle Meter Unit to perform odometer and vehicle data readings – fully automated, high speed procedures.

Both installation and ongoing maintenance are effortless, and avoid any disruption to ongoing gas station activity, unlike many other solutions currently on the market.

GSC Advantages:

  • TCP/IP connection
  • All data transmitted is encrypted
  • Manages up to 64 readers
  • Remote control capabilities:
    • Configuration
    • Software update
    • Functional upgrade