Maintenance Meter Device

The GASNGO Maintenance Meter Device is installed in GASNGO vehicles, below the dashboard in the interior of the car. It employs a printed antenna to communicate commands to and from the Gas Station Communicator.

The Meter connects to the vehicle’s battery and has no autonomous power source. All electronic components are encased in a plastic enclosure made of durable material.

An OBD reading device transmits vehicle data and more than 20 vehicle parameters such as: Odometer, E. Hours, Fuel level, Idle time, Max RPM, Max speed, PTO, E. Oil level, Max oil temp, Max oil pressure, Engine coolant, Battery voltage etc, to the wireless communicator unit.

Meter Vehicle Unit Advantages:

  • Easy installation
  • Remote configuration
  • Remote control capabilities:
    • Configuration
    • Software update
    • Functional upgrade